Art, From Science. Our extraction process involves the removal of undesirable compounds, while preserving the active terpenes and cannabinoids of the original plant. The flavor of our concentrates is a by-product of our terpene preservation techniques, working in conjunction with the THC-a crystals to formulate a truly unique sensory experience.

FFF (Fresh Frozen Flowers)


  • Cryogenically Flash-Freeze Flower at Harvest. Our way of preserving the plant’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles.
  • Fresh Frozen At The Peak Of Harvest. Extracted without any harsh chemical solvents — nothing added, nothing removed.
  • A Terpene-Fueled Full Spectrum Experience. Extracted within the first hour following harvest, preserving up to 95% of the terpene profile.
  • Crystal Formations In Every Batch Of Sauce. Usually it takes around six to eight weeks to grow the proper crystals.


  • Resin & Rosin. They are not only pronounced almost the same, but they also have many similarities with few differences. Here we will discuss the difference between live resin and rosin. How To distinguish them, and more!

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