Live Resin vs Live Rosin: What’s the Difference?


There are many cannabis products in the market, and the ones going with the wind now are cannabis concentrates. At the mentioning of this product, many subcategories also come up. Most of the concentrate types are named depending on their consistency and/or texture. You can read our previous post to know all about cannabis concentrates.

The two confusing types of concentrates are live resin and live rosin. They are not only pronounced almost the same, but they also have many similarities with few differences. In this post, we will discuss the difference between live resin and rosin. To distinguish them, we will highlight the characteristics of each. Let’s dive into the content for details.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a sticky and potent contrate made by using chemicals to extract the juices from the fresh cannabis flower. Live resin is distinguishable from other concentrates by its flavor and potency. Terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids are all preserved when making live resin. That makes them the most refined and quality concentrate.

How is live resin made?

Many cannabis concentrates differ from each other depending on how they are made. When making live resin, a fresh flower is immediately frozen at temperatures below the freezing point. That step helps preserve all the terpenes and cannabinoids, making live resin potent.

The frozen flower undergoes a chemical extraction process. The process occurs in the laboratory, where professionals use butane hash oil (BHO), propane hash oil (PHO), or any other solvent. The entire process is carried out under low-temperature conditions to keep the freshly cut flower frozen.

After the extraction, the solvent is removed from the product through a distillation process. At this stage, live resin concentrate is ready for packaging.

The making of live resin skips the drying and curing stage. During drying, moisture and chlorophyll leave the flowers, thereby exposing the terpenes and cannabinoids to heat. If you compare cured resin vs live resin, you will immediately notice the difference in taste and flavor. The former has everything intact.

If you need to learn how to make live resin, we are sorry. It’s not a DIY process, given the dangers of the solvents used and the delicate extraction process. As mentioned, it’s usually made in the laboratory.

Live resin main characteristics

To allow us to know the difference between rosin and resin, we have to look at the characteristics of each. The following are the properties of live resin concentrate:

  • Live resin THC percentage: It’s considered the purest and high-quality cannabis concentrate. The THC can vary from 65% to 95%, depending on the weed strain from where the flower was obtained and the preparation.
  • Live resin terpenes: The maximum quantity is saved.
  • Solventless: No
  • What does live resin look like: Live resin concentrate is granular, sticky, and soapy and appears golden nectar.
  • Live resin prices: Live resin is expensive because of the complex extraction method. The price can be from $30 per gram, but this value depends on many factors and can vary considerably.
  • How to use live resin: It can be consumed in different ways, including vaping, dabbing, and sprinkling or topping off on top of a bowl or joint.
  • Can you eat live resin: Yes. You can eat live resin through any means possible, but you will not get high. That’s because you will be eating raw THCA that has no sedative effects. THCA requires heat for activation of THC.

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is another type of cannabis concentrate with a unique appearance compared to others. It’s distinguishable from other extracts such as shatter and budder by its amber color. Making live rosin is also different from how all other types are made. No solvent is used in the process. As a result, cannabis live rosin has gained popularity among health-conscious stoners.

How is live rosin made?

Live rosin concentrate is made by using heat and pressure to separate the resin from fresh bud, hush, or keif. Like cannabis live resin, live rosin is highly potent with high levels of THC and CBD.

The live rosin terpenes also don’t change much because only fresh buds are used. Without drying and curing, you can expect your end product to be of top quality.

The live rosin extraction process is easier compared to that of live resin. There is no solvent used. You can do it at home.

Live rosin main characteristics

We have already seen the difference between live resin and rosin regarding the extraction process. To identify others, let’s highlight the characteristics of live rosin.

  • Live rosin THC percentage: Live rosin THC is closely comparable to live resin THC percentage. It averages at around 75% but can be more than 80%. Again, the variation depends on the cannabis buds used and the extraction process.
  • Live rosin terpenes: Most of the live rosin terpenes are saved.
  • Solventless: Yes
  • What does live rosin look like: Most live rosins have a badder-style consistency. It has an amber-like or white appearance, which makes it distinguishable.
  • Live rosin prices: The making of live rosin is laborious. That makes it an expensive cannabis concentrate in the market. The price can be from $35 per gram.
  • How to consume live rosin: Live rosin is best consumed through dabbing, vaping, eating, and sprinkling or topping off on top of a bowl or joint.
  • Can you eat live rosin: Yes, it’s possible to eat live rosin in edibles or a cup of coffee. Unlike cannabis live resin, the high temperatures involved in the making process activate THCA to THC.

The difference between live resin and live rosin

From the characteristics of live rosin and live resin, we can deduce some differences between them. Regarding appearance, the live resin color is nectar-like or honey-like. Live rosin, on the other hand, appears amber or white.

Comparing how live resin is made against live rosin, a solvent is used in the former. Live rosin extraction doesn’t involve any form of solvent. In other words, it’s chemical-free.

Another difference between rosin and resin is in how we use them. It’s not advisable to eat live resin in edibles or a cup of coffee because of the inactive THCA that has no intoxication effects. On the other hand, live rosin is edible. Again, we attribute this to its manufacturing process that involves the use of heat. With THCA activated to THC, you will have the same effect eating it as vaping or dabbing.

Cannabis live rosin is a better choice if you fear having traces of the chemical in the product.

Rosin vs Live Rosin

Often, when speaking of rosin, they mean live rosin. But in fact, these are different products. The key difference between live rosin and rosin is in the starting plant material. Live rosin is extracted from the fresh, uncured flower. Rosin, on the other hand, is extracted from dried flowers, hash, or kief. That also brings the differences in terpenes. Live rosin has more terpenes. And, therefore, has more superior quality regarding taste than rosin, attributed to the monoterpenes found in fresh cannabis.

Different types of live resin

Live rosin and resin also have many intermediaries. The following are the most common types you will find in the market:

  • Live resin sauce: This type is distinguishable from the rest by its transparent crystal and amber-brown appearance. It’s rich in High Terpene Extract (HTE) and THCa Crystalline, which gives it a distinctive color.
  • Live resin badder/batter: It looks like a yellow-brown cake frosting or cookie dough, which results from its high concentration of terpenes.
  • Live resin sugar: This displays a typical color of cannabis live resin. It’s characterized by sugar-like crystals that appear to be floating in a can of honey. Read more about what are live sugar dabs in our previous post.
  • Live resin diamonds/crystals: Diamond live resin is rich in terpenes and THC. The THC crystals look isolated from each other, similar to what you will see in live resin sauce.
  • Live resin crumbles: As the name suggests, this is a dry or powdery cannabis live resin that crumbles easily. It’s rich in terpenes and has a high THC value like any other live resin.
  • Live resin beach sand: This refers to high-quality live resin with fine particles. It’s made by progressively passing the resin through finer micron screens.
  • Live rosin jam: This differs from other types by the way it’s made. The final product is achieved through washing, pressing, and curing under controlled temperatures to achieve the desired consistency.

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What’s better, live resin or rosin?
Live rosin and rosin have many characteristics in common. If you have to make a choice, then live rosin would carry the day due to its solventless extraction process.

Does live resin get you more high?
No. It all depends on the dosage and how you consume it. The THC levels in both concentrates are the same, with the variation brought by the different cannabis flowers used.

What’s the difference between live resin and shatter?
Live resin is more malleable and flavorful, while shatter is more purified and fragile.

Can you smoke resin like dabs?
Yes. You can smoke live resins just like any other concentrate since the heat will be just enough to activate THCA to THC.

Why is rosin so expensive? Is rosin worth it?
Rosin is a chemical-free, high-quality cannabis concentrate. It’s extracted and refined through a time-intensive process to give you the best experience. So yes, it’s worth the price.

How to store live resin?
Storing live resin is all about preserving its potency and quality. To do that, put it in an airtight and lightproof container and keep it in a cool, dry place. By doing so, you will maintain the texture and prevent cannabinoids and terpenes from degradation. Learn more about how to store live resin and other concentrates.